Trone Research and Consulting

Solving the research puzzle with actionable analytics.

Conversion. Impressions. Retention. Satisfaction. Every marketing objective is a complex puzzle that must be expertly examined before it can be solved. Data must be gathered, analyzed and reported, not just as the concrete facts of what is, but as what can be.

Trone Research + Consulting is masterfully skilled in transforming complex analytics into clear actionable results. You tell us where you want to go. We’ll provide the data-driven direction to help you get there.

Brand Health Audit

Understanding the current condition of a brand is the first step to moving forward or changing direction.

Prospect & Customer

Find out what resonates with prospective customers. And how to upsell or cross-sell the ones you already have.

Marketing Claims Validation

Is your brand #1 or a group’s preference? Confirm the quantifiable statements that make your brand stand out.

Market Potential Evaluation

Before launching a new product, it’s important to determine if there’s room and interest in the market.

Channel Needs Assessment

Examine all of the audiences that influence purchase and where the opportunities are with each of them.

Attrition Evaluation & Retention Optimization

Discover where and why you’re losing customers and what can be done to keep them.