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Brand Resuscitation: Re-Establishing Credibility and Gaining Professional Recommendations

OBJECTIVE: Identify and track key drivers of brand health which impact veterinary recommendations of the product.


Our client was in a public relations crisis and the viability of the brand was in question. We were tasked with resuscitating our client’s brand, re-establishing its credibility with veterinarians and gaining veterinary recommendations for our client’s product.

Key Drivers

TR+C identified five brand attributes that would give the brand renewed credibility and were predictive of veterinarians’ likelihood to recommend our client’s product.


We developed a plan to credibly optimize our client’s brand messaging and gain visibility among the veterinary audience with emphasis on the five identified key drivers of recommendation.


Strong positive impact on brand recommendations and sales.

  • By year one, we saw a 15% growth in the number of veterinary recommendations of our client’s product, followed by continued growth of another 6% the following year.

  • We successfully re-established a dying brand and changed perceptions in the veterinary and pet owner communities.

Doug Barton, President & CEO

Doug Barton

President & CEO

Doug is a career research, analytics and brand marketing executive with more than 35 years of experience working with Top 50 market research firms, Fortune 500 companies and marketing firms on client and supplier side.

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He is a leader and advisor with a proven track record of solving business challenges for start-ups as well as small to large businesses across the world. Doug’s industry experience spans across hospitality, telecom, CPG, financial services, insurance, textile and apparel, turf and ornamental, animal health and retail.

Kimberly Ness

Kimberly Ness

SVP, Insights & Marketing

With 25+ years of experience across research, branding and marketing, Kimberly has the unique ability to transform complicated data into a simple strategic plan that achieves results.

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She has led marketing efforts for global and national brands and has a specialty in animal health, working with brands like Zoetis, Boeringer Ingelheim and Mars Petcare. She is known as an industry thought leader and has been a featured speaker at Global Pet Expo, AAHA, CBI, Brakke Consulting and Fetch, a dvm360 conference.

Tom Minsel

Tom Minsel

PhD, Head of Research & Data Science

Tom is our PhD Statistician and master data miner with 25+ years in direct marketing, customer targeting, modeling and research design.

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His areas of expertise include statistics, applied and theoretical measurement, psychological research, survey research, summative and formative evaluation, SAS, sampling, trend analysis and generally all things analytics. Tom oversees more than 65 comprehensive studies each year to help clients better understand their customers.