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Benchmarking Performance on the Marketing Funnel and Drivers of Usage/Loyalty Prior to Initiating a Communications Overhaul


As part of an effort to reinvigorate marketing efforts for a companion animal health product, our client wanted to establish a tracking study with benchmarking research related to awareness, attitudes and usage in the category.


  • Establish benchmark Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) regarding attitudes and usage for tracking over time.
  • Determine the drivers of usage among those currently prescribing the product at high rates for the purpose of expanding this core group in the future.


TRC established marketing funnel scores for the client’s product versus competitors, identified brand attributes and competitive differentiators that drive veterinarian usage, defined the key drivers of product satisfaction and brand loyalty and assessed client’s performance against competitors on all KPIs. We also segmented between high, medium, and low/non-prescribing veterinarians to understand the beliefs, motivations and attitudes that drive engagement and retention among high users.

Brand Benchmarking


We recommended the value propositions that would most strongly drive engagement, differentiation and usage of the product.  We recommended a communication strategy to overcome current barriers to usage of the client’s product. We outlined the mindset and targetable characteristics of those already highly loyal to the product and recommended strategies for increasing loyalty among others.


The client was able to move forward to the next step of developing relevant communications, testing them for refinement and successfully launching a new marketing campaign.

Doug Barton, President & CEO

Doug Barton

President & CEO

Doug is a career research, analytics and brand marketing executive with more than 35 years of experience working with Top 50 market research firms, Fortune 500 companies and marketing firms on client and supplier side.

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He is a leader and advisor with a proven track record of solving business challenges for start-ups as well as small to large businesses across the world. Doug’s industry experience spans across hospitality, telecom, CPG, financial services, insurance, textile and apparel, turf and ornamental, animal health and retail.

Kimberly Ness

Kimberly Ness

SVP, Insights & Marketing

With 25+ years of experience across research, branding and marketing, Kimberly has the unique ability to transform complicated data into a simple strategic plan that achieves results.

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She has led marketing efforts for global and national brands and has a specialty in animal health, working with brands like Zoetis, Boeringer Ingelheim and Mars Petcare. She is known as an industry thought leader and has been a featured speaker at Global Pet Expo, AAHA, CBI, Brakke Consulting and Fetch, a dvm360 conference.

Tom Minsel

Tom Minsel

PhD, Head of Research & Data Science

Tom is our PhD Statistician and master data miner with 25+ years in direct marketing, customer targeting, modeling and research design.

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His areas of expertise include statistics, applied and theoretical measurement, psychological research, survey research, summative and formative evaluation, SAS, sampling, trend analysis and generally all things analytics. Tom oversees more than 65 comprehensive studies each year to help clients better understand their customers.